Hold Me Tight® Couples Workshops

Hold Me Tight Workshops with Dalia Anderman, LMFT

Hold Me Tight® Couples Workshops by Dalia Anderman

  • Hold Me Tight® is a registered trademark to Sue Johnson.
  • Our coming Hold Me Tight Workshop in Nevada City will be on April 4-5, 2020. Register now!

Experience this ground-breaking work to renew trust and intimacy within your relationship, deepen your emotional connection and closeness with one another and create a secure base for both people to flourish.

  • Move out of negative cycles that keep you feeling stuck and alone
  • Make sense of your own as well as your partner’s emotions
  • Forgive injuries that keep you from really opening up with your partner
  • Communicate your emotional needs for connection
  • Establish a secure and intimate bond for one another
  • Restore commitment and hope
  • Decrease isolation, distance and loneliness
  • Learn to manage intense and negative emotion
  • Rebuild safety and trust (where there has been trauma)
  • Manage the sense of chaos (where there has been betrayal)

We are offering our next Hold Me Tight® Couples Workshop in Nevada City, CA. on April 4-5, 2020.


Owen Marcus, MA, author, workshop facilitator, and TEDxTalk presenter on Masculine Emotional Intelligence, will once again be joining us.

Owen brings with him the width of decades of leading and facilitating men’s group all over the country, helping men access their masculine vulnerability. Owen’s presence, and his work with couples and men, will enhance this upcoming Hold Me Tight workshop, by offering his depth, support, and perspective to the couples in our workshop.

Here are the links to Owen’s work

Owen’s TEDX talk: What 10,000 Years Of Progress Has Cost | Owen Marcus | TEDxSpokane

Upcoming Hold Me Tight® Couples Workshop

Place: Nevada City, California.

Date: April 4-5, 2020.



$795 early bird, (for payment till 03/04/2020)

You may register for our coming workshop now, by filling out and submitting the form at the bottom of the page. Click Here.

We keep the workshop small and intimate to ensure value and enhance the experience. Our Hold Me Tight® couples workshops are always Sold-Out!

The Hold Me Tight® uses EFT for a quick and effective structured approach to marital and couples therapy. Evidence shows that 90% of couples show significant improvements and that these positive effects last over time.

What Is Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT)?

The message of EFT is simple: Forget about learning how to argue better, analyzing your early childhood, making grand romantic gestures, or experimenting with new sexual positions. Instead, recognize and admit that you are emotionally attached to and dependent on your partner in much the same way that a child is on a parent for nurturing, soothing, and protection. EFT focuses on creating and strengthening this emotional bond by identifying and transforming the key moments that foster an adult loving relationship.

• EFT has an astounding 70 – 75% success rate and results have been shown to last, even in the face of significant stress.
• EFT is recognized by the American Psychological Association as empirically proven.

Hold Me Tight presents a streamlined version of EFT. It walks the reader through seven conversations that capture the defining moments in a love relationship and instructs how to shape these moments to create a secure and lasting bond. Case histories and exercises in each conversation bring the lessons of EFT to life.

Seven Transforming Conversations:

Recognizing Demon Dialogues—In this first conversation, couples identify negative and destructive remarks in order to get to the root of the problem and figure out what each other is really trying to say.

Finding the Raw Spots—Here, each partner learns to look beyond immediate, impulsive reactions to figure out what raw spots are being hit.

Revisiting a Rocky Moment—This conversation provides a platform for de-escalating conflict and repairing rifts in a relationship and building emotional safety.

Hold Me Tight—The heart of the program: this conversation moves partners into being more accessible, emotionally responsive, and deeply engaged with each other.

Forgiving Injuries—Injuries may be forgiven but they never disappear. Instead, they need to become integrated into couples’ conversations as demonstrations of renewal and connection. Knowing how to find and offer forgiveness empowers couples to strengthen their bond.

Bonding Through Sex and Touch—Here, couples find how emotional connection creates great sex, and good sex creates deeper emotional connection.

Keeping Your Love Alive—This last conversation is built on the understanding that love is a continual process of losing and finding emotional connection; it asks couples to be deliberate and mindful about maintaining connection.”

* from: https://iceeft.com/what-is-hold-me-tight/

Dr. Sue Johnson on Hold Me Tight

What previous participants have said about the workshop:

“Thank you for a weekend full of hard work, difficult conversations, growth and tools to move forward. Your work is valued and made a difference for us & so many others!”

“I’m really happy that we, as a couple, decided to devote a weekend to this workshop. I feel closer and more connected to my spouse than I have in years. I feel more prepared to deal with future conflicts with compassion and empathy.”

“Thank you both from the bottom of my heart! what a powerful weekend and I also was so touched with the beautiful sacred ritual to end our time together… It was fun to watch the body language of the participants from when they first showed up – many so distanced from each other and at the end everyone was holding hands, leaning into their partners and so many tears of love!!
Powerful and profound work- thank you!!”

“Having been married for over 20 years, and even with that mostly being a good marriage, there remains room to grow and things to learn about ourselves and each other. Thank you and Owen for facilitating our growth.”

In this workshop, we will teach you how to connect in a more powerful and harmonious way. This weekend will be Positive, Pro-active and Fun! And the skills you learn will continue to serve your relationship once you leave the workshop.

Get to the heart of it!!

The price for the weekend includes:

  • A workbook full of information, guidance and helpful exercises.
  • Engaging presentations, video demonstrations of other real life couples, and the opportunity for many private exercises and conversations with your partner.
  • We will be available to give you personal support and guidance as needed.
  • Continental breakfast, coffee, tea and light snacks will be provided throughout the day. Lunch is on your own. Please feel free to bring your own snacks and drinks as well. (We are located in Nevada City near cafes, a deli and a grocery store.)

What To Expect:

The Hold Me Tight® Workshop is designed around seven conversations based on the Hold Me Tight book, all of which have been shown to be essential to successful relationships. You will learn how to understand and improve your relationship by presentations by the workshop leaders, private exercises and conversations with your partner and by watching video demonstrations of other couples.

Although Dalia encourages questions and comments, you do not need to speak in the group if you do not wish to. All of the dialogues with your partner will be done in private, as she always emphasizes privacy, confidentiality and comfort.

You will learn to identify the “dance” that has kept you locked in anger and isolation and learn to change the steps that are keeping you both from getting your attachment needs met. You will find the safety to be vulnerable, soften and open to giving and receiving care from each other. You will tap into your deeper needs and longings and learn to communicate them and respond to them in each other.

We welcome people of all backgrounds, ages, faiths and sexual orientations.

Dalia Anderman, LMFT Interview at her office in Nevada City, CA


Dr. Sue Johnson developed the Hold Me Tight® program, based on Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), and her bestseller book, Hold Me Tight.

What Leading Relationship Experts and Authors say about Hold Me Tight®:

“Wonderful… Hold Me Tight® Workshops blends the best in research findings with practical suggestions from a caring and compassionate clinician. Hold Me Tight® will be of great benefit to couples trying to find their way to better communication and deeper, more fulfilling ways of being with each other. Bravo!”
– Daniel J Siegel, MD, author of Parenting from the Inside Out

“At last a road map through Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy with its creator. Dr. Johnson’s superb science, humor, and clinical wisdom are finally accessible to all of us. I couldn’t pick a smarter, warmer and more real guide for this journey.”
– John Gottman, PhD, bestselling author of The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work and co-author of And Baby Makes Three

“Dr. Sue Johnson is the most original contributor to couples therapy to come along in the last thirty years. This book will touch your heart, stimulate your mind and give you practical strategies for improving your relationship.”
– William J. Doherty, PhD, author of Take Back Your Marriage

“A much-needed message to all couples and therapists, and I recommend it to all”
– Harville Hendrix, PhD, author of Getting the Love You Want

Read more about the Hold Me Tight® Workshops in North California by Dalia Anderman, LMFT.

Hold Me Tight® Workshops – Frequently Asked Questions, (FAQ)


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Post-workshop complementary followup support is included.
If you have any trouble registering via this form, please contact us by email or call 530-692-0680. Cancellation Policy: Your registration fee is non-refundable, but transferable. Once registered, if unforeseen circumstances prevent you from attending the Hold Me Tight® Workshop you registered for, you are welcome to attend another workshop within that calendar year instead. However, if you cancel within 72 hours or fail to show up for the workshop, there will be a $75 transfer fee applied. All workshops are enrolled on a first come, first serve basis.



We look forward to seeing you soon!

Note: Hold Me Tight® is a registered trademark to Sue Johnson.