Couples Therapy by Dalia Anderman

Dalia Anderman is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), providing counseling and psychotherapy to individuals, couples and families in North California, USA, (Sacramento and Nevada City).

Dalia Anderman, LMFT Interview at her office in Nevada City, CA

Are you longing for love and connection, but instead you…

Couples Therapy by Dalia Anderman, MFT

  • Have recurring fights with no resolution?
  • Feel disrespected, nagged or criticized?
  • Lack affection, intimacy or sex?
  • Feel distant, unimportant or unloved?
  • Feel suspicious or betrayed?
  • Experience isolation and loneliness?

Would you like to…

  • Move out of negative cycles that keep you feeling stuck and alone.
  • Make sense of your own as well as your partner’s emotions
  • Forgive injuries that keep you from really opening up with your partner?
  • Communicate your emotional needs for connection?
Establish a secure and intimate bond with one another?
  • Decrease conflict and find a way out of the negative cycles you seem to get stuck in?

Couples Therapy is a journey that can help you move…

heart on fire

  • From alienation to emotional connection.
  • From defense and self-protection, to openness and risk taking.
  • From a passive helplessness in the face of the inexorable dance of the relationship, to a sense of being able to actively create that dance.
  • From desperate blaming of the other, to a sense of how each partner makes it difficult for the other to be responsive and caring.
  • From a focus on the other’s flaws, to the discovery of one’s own fears and longings.

But most of all, from isolation to connectedness.

You will learn to identify the “dance” that has kept you locked in anger and isolation and learn to change the steps that are keeping you both from getting your attachment needs met. You will find the safety to be vulnerable, soften and open to giving and receiving care from each other. You will tap into your deeper needs and longings and learn to communicate them and respond to them in each other.

Through therapy you should learn to re-set your way of being with each other so that when difficult times come along you can use them to grow and deepen your relationship.

  • You will be able to feel safe and secure in your relationship and able to tune in to early signs of relapse/distance.
  • You will have the MAP to the new tools and new dance steps that will bring you back and reset you even when you hit a hard spot.
  • You will be able to return again and again to the conversations of Hold Me Tight and be able to find the way back to each other.

Divorce or separation doesn’t have to have an unhappy ending. Sometimes a relationship has run its course and a new paradigm is called for. I can help you create a new healthier and loving relationship that navigates separation or divorce in an amicable manner.

Many of you have asked me over the years if couples counseling CAN HELP everyone? And is there a time when the RELATIONSHIP is ‘just’ OVER?

I say to my clients that “not too many people regret trying and committing to counseling and therapy to working on their relationships, but many do regret not ever trying. “  If after therapy you decide to end your relationship, you will know you have tried, and the tools, insights, and work you have done, will be your gift to keep, and provide you with a self so much more equipped for showing up in relationships. Period.

How can I help?

In therapy, we will be co-creating a safe place, where there is room for any and all vulnerable feelings, beliefs, and thoughts to emerge.

I work in a no-shame no-blame zone of ongoing support and warm curiosity. Together we will learn about patterns, triggers, negative thoughts and cycles, feelings, past and present attachment injuries, and how they affect the relationship.

We will evaluate and examine stories, beliefs, and behaviors that shape the way you see yourself your partner, your relationship, and your world.

We will integrate tools and exercises that will allow you to know even more about yourself so you can begin to choose how you respond in any given situation.

You will learn to exercise validation; empathy, understanding, curiosity, appreciation, insight, and good communication, to help yourself and each other arrive where you have been longing to for a long time.